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Brand name: BusinessNews Indonesia
Tagline: Inspire Business Performance & Competitiveness
Genre: Business-Economy
Published: Beginning of month
Definition: BusinessNews Indonesia is a monthly magazine that reviews news,
information, analysis and research on business, investment and economy in Indonesia and ASEAN countries. Thus, it may become the inspiration and guide for business owners and corporate managers to keep on looking for opportunities and to improve its business performance and competitiveness in the era of global economy, especially the era of ASEAN Economy Community.

Oplah: 25.000 eksemplar
Publisher: PT Madani Solusi Internasional
Jl. Ciputat Raya 1B, Pondok Pinang Tanah Kusir Kebayoran Lama,
Jakarta Selatan 12310.
Telephone: (021) 275 10 175 (Hunting),
Fax: (021) 275 10 197
Website: www.businessnews.id

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