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In relation with the enactment of the ASEAN Economy Community (AEC) starting in 2015,  the development of market and business in Indonesia and other ASEAN countries will become more dynamic  and many players will take part. Only businesses and companies that are highly competitive and know about access and information on the market will lead in the AEC era.

Therefore, information updates on prospects of business, investment and economy in ASEAN countries will become very important and they will be extremely needed by investors and business practitioners.

In the era of AEC, more business practitioners from ASEAN and outside ASEAN will enter the Indonesian market because Indonesia has the largest population and market potential. Therefore, Indonesian companies must keep on improving their performance and competitiveness in order to survive and to be able to become main players in the domestic and ASEAN market. Besides reinforcing their businesses in the domestic market, Indonesian business practitioners must also expand their businesses to other ASEAN countries.

ASEAN business practitioners also need to gain business information in Indonesia so that they can form partnerships and develop their businesses in Indonesia and ASEAN.

BusinessNews Indonesia is published to become an inspiration for business practitioners and corporate management in finding business opportunities, improving performances and business competitiveness in the era of global economy, including AEC.

Brand name: BusinessNews Indonesia
Tagline: Inspire Business Performance & Competitiveness
Genre: Business-Economy
Published: Beginning of month
Definition: BusinessNews Indonesia is a monthly magazine that reviews news, information, analysis and research on business, investment and economy in Indonesia and ASEAN countries. Thus, it may become the inspiration and guide for business owners and corporate managers to keep on looking for opportunities and to improve its business performance and competitiveness in the era of global economy, especially the era of ASEAN Economy Community.

Oplah: 25.000 eksemplar
Publisher: PT Madani Solusi Internasional


News Material:
Macro economy Updates: 10%
Economy, Finance, & Investment: 30%
Sectoral Business Opportunity & Policy: 30%
Corporate Management Sharing: 20%
Business Issues & Rating: 5%
Lifestyle & Others: 5%



  • Multi National Company, Private Company, Listed Company, SOE (State Owned Enterprise):
    • CEO & Director
    • Commissioner & Investor
    • Manager & Staff
  • Business Association Members
  • Government Agency / State Institution / Organization
    • Governmental Officials
    • Employees of State Owned firms (SOE, Regional Owned Enterprises)
    • Directors & Board members of organization
  • Student, business, financial and economy observers
  • B to B, B to C market
  • Public

Gender: Men 60% – Women 40%
Age: 20 – 60 years old
SES: A, B (and C+)
Education: Undergraduate (70%), Post Graduate (20%), Diploma/Student (20%)


Jabodetabek: 40 %
Jawa (outside Jabodetabek): 20 %
Sumatera: 10 %
Kalimantan: 10 %
Sulawesi & Papua: 5 %
Bali, NTB, NTT: 5 %
Asean: 10 %

Bookstore:  50 %  (Gramedia/ Gunung Agung/Kharisma)
Mall/ Supermarket/ Airport/ Station:  20 %
Newspaper/Magazine Agency:  20 %
Retailers:  10 %


Jl. Ciputat Raya 1B, Pondok Pinang Tanah Kusir Kebayoran Lama,
Jakarta Selatan 12310.
Telephone: (021) 275 10 175 (Hunting),
Fax: (021) 275 10 197
Website: www.businessnews.id

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